Chalkwell KennelsAt Chalkwell we pride ourselves on the level of care and attention that is given to each and every pet that is entrusted to us. It's something that we have built our reputation on.

We have a very high ratio of carers to pets (more than any other kennel that we know of). This ensures that all the animals in our care get lots of attention, all day, and every day with lots of kindness and interaction with our staff. You can rest assured that your pet will receive lots of tender, quality care from staff that really love the animals they are looking after.

Dogs staying with us are not confined to their kennel all day. In addition to each dog having their own inside sleeping area and covered outside run which they have access to all day long we have no less that 10 exercise areas where the dogs can run free, off lead.

All pets are health checked and brushed daily.

All types of diet are on offer and we carry most of the major brands of dog food. You can choose the diet, whether it is dry, tinned, pouches or fresh food it is available. There is no need to change your pets' diet. We also offer a complete natural BARF diet to your specifications. All this at no extra cost.  And we don’t mind pampering your pets; three of our regular guests have scrambled egg for breakfast while another has cornflakes and marmalade on toast. Anything that will make your pet feel at home will be done. Many of our guests see Chalkwell as their second home.

Each dog is weighed on arrival, then weighed every four days and weighed again before departure to ensure they stay in the best of health.

We have CCTV coverage throughout the premises from the car park down to the kennels and the play areas ensuring maximum supervision and security.

Dog or cat, you can rest assured that they will get attention when they want it. Special needs such as injections and medication are given - at no extra charge.

Chalkwell Kennels