Chalkwell KennelsOur facilities offer each dog individual indoor kennels and outdoor runs, together with no less than 10 very large exercise/play areas. These exercise facilities ensure that your dog will  spend most of the day outside in the fresh air and not locked up in his kennel as is the case with many boarding establishments.  The play areas have a wood chipped surface which has been approved for children's play surfaces, thus ensuring the highest safety standards. All dogs are health checked daily and have regular grooming.
All types of diet are offered, dry, tinned or fresh food is available and we also offer a complete natural BARF diet to your specifications if required at no extra cost. We feed your dog the same diet that you feed at home. All accommodation is heated or cooled as the weather dictates.

Indoor Accommodation

Our kennels offer comfortable and clean living space with individual outdoors runs and large secure play areas, ensuring your dog gets plenty of exercise and will never be bored.

A holiday in the country

With no less than 10 designated play areas set among mature trees your dogs are assured of a real country holiday, while at the same time double security fencing keeps your dog safe and secure.